tomakaliModificationmodification, upgrades, installations, moduleOpen budget2 bids$312.5 average bid22nd of February 2011

SEO Mod for D7

YobiLab22nd of February 2011bid: $350  timeframe: 12 daysDeclinedPermalink
We can do it. To fully understand this quote, please see our TOS: . Read also all the comments and replies to fully understand our TOS. 1)Copyrighted by YobiLab $350 x 12 days 2)Copyrighted by you $450 x 12 days 3)Copyrighted by you with reseller rights $650 x12 days. Let me know.
sneha25th of February 2011bid: $275  timeframe: 7 daysAssignedPermalink
Hello, I will do it as discussed. and all right for the belongs to me, you can not resell or give out this mod to anyone with fee or without fee. Regards Sneha
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I have a good quote of $200 with reseller rights.
post if you can match it.
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