jackiepmodifications$500-10002 bids$625 average bid22nd of June 2010

Site Modifications

Hi there

I'm looking for someone to basically modify my site for me.  I have installed Dolphin 7 on the HFW server, but have decided that doing the actual modifications is a little beyond my capabilities. I have attached a couple of files, one is an outline of things I want doing, and the other is a layout of how I want the main page to look.  The person I need has to be reliable, know what they are doing, can keep good communication with me, and be prepared to put up with all of my questions :)

Please get in touch if you require any clarification.


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Hi Jackie

please check your inbox

Thanks, Jason
UPDATE...have added a zip file with both files inside it. For some reason it downloaded two zip files, but wouldn't let you open two..go figure!
Downloaded. Thanks. Will email you in a few.
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