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Site upgrade required with mods intact

I need a programmer who can upgrade my site from version - 6.0.0005 to version - 7.0.2.

I was recently trying to allow my members and admin access to videos uploaded via web cam (video recorder) so that they could make appropriate changes (edit, delete,rename,etc.) as they are able to with normally uploaded videos but was advised that this isn't possible with my current version and requires an upgrade.

My site has been customized and has several mods that must be intact once the upgrade is done. 

If you are interested, capable, quick and skilled at Boonex, please feel free to submit a reasonable and competitive bid and contact me about the project as soon as possible at I will also want to see examples of your previous Boonex work, preferrably an instance where you've successfully upgraded another site and references for the site owners would be a welcome peace of mind as well.

No bids so far.
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There are HUGE differences in dolphin 6 / 7.

Dolphin 7 was not really an upgrade to to 6. It is a new system. D7 only offers a migration tool to import your users from a D6 site.

Upgrading from 6.0.0005 to 6.1.6 may be doable, but your basically going to have to rewrite the mods if you want to use D7
I appreciate that. I hadn't been advised regarding that. I hired a programmer initially to customize the site. So is a mod considered any and every manipulation that changed the site from the original Boonex template?

If so, the reason I was advised that I need to upgrade is because I want members and the admin on my site to be able to access and manipulate videos uploaded using the Rayz Video Recorder, just as they're able to manipulate videos uploaded to the site as a main/original video. Since see more members and the admin can access videos uploaded the normal way, which is through a Rayz product, is there no work around for allowing the members to access and manipulate videos uploaded via web cam using the Rayz Video Recorder?
I just upgraded one site but some of modules needs an update from the author yes it kind a big work.
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