buzzpaulmodification, template, design, custom, moduleOpen budget1 bids$4500 average bid8th of October 2010

URGENT boonex mods and custom work needed - like super quick

home page fixes - media upload function to be added to my page

i have facebook mod, but comments on other statuses not working


i need my story module to work

i need a geni family tree builder module


i need my video chat to work with online friends only

i need notifications to appear in my menu items

i need my blog and store layout to be changed


add contact member on my browse pages


and my sub menu changed on my profile

please help me - But, because I've wasted £3800 on someone here who said they were the best, who now has been paid and doesn't respond to me, i can only pay on completion as my client paid this guy thinking he'll complete it, but never delivered! I even signed a contract with him!

DosDawg10th of October 2010bid: $4500  timeframe: 35 daysPermalink
regardless of your past experiences, you cannot expect work for free. there are many of us who have been burned by doing work on the front, and then getting locked out of a server when it was time to pay a bill.
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If it's someone here as you say, you should let us know who, to warn other users?
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