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Video upload quality improvement desired

I am looking for a programmer who can fix the upload settings on my site so that the videos upload at a higher quality. Currently if I upload a video to my site and then upload the same video to Youtube or any other site, the video on the other sites is much clearer than on my site. Is this something you might be interested and available to do or can you recommend a capable programmer?

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Are u using dolphin? What is your site name so I can take a look at the video settings,

You can set and check the video setting quality on the admin panel-> Modules->Flash Apps->Video Player settings->Recording quality. Set as 100. kindly suggest

Thank you for your feedback. My site is using version 6.0.0005. I see a Modules section under Tools in the admin panel, but it doesn't lead to Flash Apps->Video Player settings, etc. Any suggestions?

Im not having that package to check on.
If you wish kindly PM your site admin panel details so that i can check and suggest the option.

Thank you
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