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Weather modul

Good afternoon!

The small module with following possibilities is necessary: we take weather c weather.yahoo.com or from any other site and it is inserted into a site. It is necessary:

1. To define on IP an arrangement of the person.

2. To show temperature for it and a picture with correct weather.

3. The user should have a possibility to choose other city (and it is possible also the country) in which it wants weather display.

4. There is it should on the main page in such kind: http://ellota.kz/bsdfweudskjlpo/splash.php

Only there is no name of a city, temperature and a question near to a city for city change.

5. And on minor in a site cap (design approximately as FaceBook).

6. Depending on weather on the main page login boxing (in bright weather one color, in rainy another), only 6-8 positions should change.

7. On other pages color of a cap, also 6-8 colors changes.

8. And the last: there should be a division between day and night...

All pictures are in a ready kind. To draw it is necessary nothing. It is necessary only the program!

Can write to Skype at once: avtosale.kz

No bids so far.
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Maybe you can use this module as a base and modify it depending on your needs:
I made one just recently and very close to what you discribed. I use Curl to get infomations from weatherunderground and auto displayed by visitor's ip address. And visitors can search with auto dropdown list options. The weather module homepage shows current weather - google map (with auto alerts and tempertures around the city), 6-12 days forecast and radar. The module also have recent earthquakes and uv forcast. In the front index shows current weather by yowindow.com. You can see it here @http://www.mypeepz.us/m/weather/home/. see more If you are interested I'll sell it cheap.
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