siar007Fixingupgrades, modification, designOpen budget3 bids$291.67 average bid26th of November 2010

Website needs fixing

Hi Everyone, I have a social network website which needs work. the site has a facebook template.

what I want to be done to it.

1.fix security (only members can see features of the site)

2.fix the size of the facebook template

3.make sure it works with all internet browsers

4.change the top banner (I have the file)

5.fix any bugs in the system

6.upgrade to new version

7.remove all advertisement from the site.

8.back up everything

please no time wasters and if you take the job I want updates of the site every day. I had people before they take the job and you don't hear from them again or they do half job.

JOOsocial27th of November 2010bid: $300  timeframe: 15 daysPermalink
All inclusive. I'll take care of your site for a fee of $300. In this fee is included all the minor bug fixes and communication, modfications to make the site visible only for logged in members and the check of all the features. If you are interested send a PM or contact me at
mrpowless28th of November 2010bid: $300  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
Here are my references: I will complete all of your tasks. You must QA/test the site and send notes on which browsers have issues and where. I require fees to be paid upfront.
Simion30th of November 2010bid: $275  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
As a partner of Boones we can do all this for you and you are sure you get quality service and excellent communication. I will be very pleased to discuss this with you in person if you would like. PLease feel free to message me and I will give you full details.
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email me if you still need help.
This Job is now closed. Thank you all for offers
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