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A couple of mods needed :)

Hi, below are a couple of mods i need for my website (they also need to work on mobile version too).


1) I need a text (sms) payment function, where members can upgrade to be a "site supporter" and get access to extra features of my site simply by them sending a text message from their mobile (where they get charged x amount for the text) and in return they recieve a text back with a code where they can then input that code into a area on the site and then they get upgraded to use extra features on the site for x amount of days, i also need it to be so other members of the site can see that this member is a "site supporter".


2) I need a photo verification function, where a member can upload a specific type of photo (for example the member is asked to hold a piece of paper with their username and the site name printed on it) then once that photo is uploaded it will only be visable for admin to see (maybe in a photo verification section in the adim panel) and if the photo passes verification by admin then that members profile will be marked as "photo verified" and other members will be able to see that member is "photo verified" it would also be good to have the option for admin to set "photo verification" as a mandatory sign up process maybe, for example a new members profile wont be made public until it has been photo verified.


3) I need a member verification function, where one member is able to verify another member as real, the member will need to be able to select that they have met that member in person and they also need to be able to write a few words about how they know the person like, how they met, when, why etc, and if it can be a option to be able to show that verification on that members profile so the member who has been verified can choose if they want the verification words viewable to other members or not, either way i need it so all member verified profiles show as "member verified" for other members to see of the site.


i do have some more mods i need but these are the ones i pretty much need asap, if anyone is able to complete any of these mods for me or all of them the please contact me asap to let me know what you can do.


Thanks in advance :)


Also i will need these to work on the latest version of dolphin :)

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I think Modzzz has two of the things you need.
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