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Administration and technical payment issues

Setting up a payment center.

Implementing payment methods for below:

- Featured members purchase
- Spotlight member purchase
- My banners purchase
- Membership

Visa, Visa electon, mastercard etc. 

Setting up the administration of the website so it fits with my needs.

Two member types. Basic and Plus

- Integrating the credit or points mod with payment center regarding the featured member, spotligt membership and/or my banners purchase.

- Basic membertype should last for 1 week with all featured, but in the beginning i would like this to be easy deactivated. (Just tell me where to do it)
- Plus should be the membership you buy after the one week. 

*finishing* making the website look clean and ready to work. This includes minor graphic changes. 

The overall aim should making the website ready to launch wich include setting up the modules working right and making the payment center ready  to be used.

I require a person with integrity for this job. Someone who do not make the job half.  Ofcause someone who knows EXACTLY what he is doing. Php and module knowledge etc.

In other words i would like to job done, NOT, not done.

There are many fakers out there. I have no intererest in hiring a person who only wants the money and do not care about the work. So leave now if you are that kind of person.

You will recieve full ftp access, website access 

smile4sammy19th of August 2011bid: $300  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
We can do this job for you. 'Payment after job completion' can be agreed upon by us to ensure that your work is fully completed. Best Regards, Global Solutions
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