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Attributes, match and search userprofiles



Can this be done in D7 out of the box ? If so I am interested in hiring you for some customization if you are interested.


1. Userprofiles.

Userprofiles must have a large number of optional attributes that the user can choose. These attributes are jobcategories from which the user can be either "offering a job" or "looking for a job" or both for each of the given category.


2. Match and search.

These profiles attributes now needs to be matched so that profiles attributes can be searched. Example. If a user is searching for a carpenter the search result will show other userprofiles that har "carpenter" set in their userprofiles as "I am looking for a job".


YobiLab12th of December 2012bid: $600  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
I need more info. But for what I understand we can easily do it for the above price or near to that. PM me. This is our Portfolio Selection: Find us on Facebook as well:
webfreaks17th of December 2012bid: $200  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
Hi, I can customize what you want. Payment after work. More than two years experience. Checkout my work at http// Thanks, Web Freaks
sijio9th of January 2013bid: $180  timeframe: 6 daysPermalink
Our team had already done a similar project. We can help you.
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Hey there, I already sent you an email reply to this for you. Please check you PM
Just sent you a PM regarding this job. In the meantime check our Portfolio Selection:
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