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boonex social network development

I have set up an account with boonex, but not been set up yet.

i need someone to set it up for me and get it up and running, i no i need to purchase "prime" which i will as soon as you get back to me.i will need you to design and develop the site for me.

Need a social networking website for everyone to use around the world, like facebook, twitter etc, but very simple and with different functions watever you can provide. also if possible to add skype for the user to use on  there page. dont want it to show how many users on there. and what do you recommend is the best way for users to join without searching for other people out there? maybe by recommendation only etc... 

And need iphone etc app.

need a logo design also for the site, if you can provide also.  i have a company logo but want to attach a theme around it for the social network.

please get back to me asap to begin this project, and with prices and fuctions u can privide me etc... and also need maintaining all year round.

many thanks
tel: 00447984422225

No bids so far.
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Hi I am willing to help you I am available in skype at "dragon_x30" also you can email me at
ahmed aboradi
I can help skype is "expertzkris".
I can help you with android rebranding/redesign application. Take a look at example
I can make custom app design according to your website style.
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