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Build local social networking site

I will admit my project at this point is a bit of a blank canvas. I would like to develp a local social networking site for an upscale area of British Columbia in canada. I have a number of ideas and sadly am not sure how viable they are based on the software and would like to pick the brain of someone that has done such a site or has experience in all aspects of working with Dolphin and it's various modules and plugins etc to get the full feature set I am looking for.

If all goes well and site pans out as I see it working I would also be interested in contracting someone to help with admin duties as although I know I will learn much about the functions and controls of the platform while going forward it is always nice to have a top coder/designer on the team.

Give me some of your ideas, feel free to ask me the questions that you think need to be answered in order to give you an idea of what I need to make this happen. I look forwad to your feedback.


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hello, I can give you some advice
your site is about LUXURIOUS thing as here:
but if you will builds a local site you will not have much VISITORS.
you want to make money with your site?
I am willing to guide you thru your success. Just pm me.

I'm building an 'advanced' Dolphin site for a club in BC... currently over 100 add-on/upgrade mods added. Though I'm doing this as a volunteer, I am a professional website developer during the day (but not with Dolphin s/w). I live in BC... in the lower mainland area. What do you need to know to get started? If I can't help you directly then I can at least suggest which developers I'm familiar with and may be able to help you.
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