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hello i love boonex

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Can you please reply to my question. your mega news not supporting for 7.4.2 Can you please tell how to install. I emailed to you two days ago no answer please reply. Thank you
I brought a Mega News Infos. No updates now. waste of $70.?
hi sorry
hi iam sorry
hi iam sorry
Is behind this avatar/photo the notorious Scammer from Canada.......?
I paid for the module «weather with web cam live», but I can not download it. And I do not get an answer from the seller........
Has anyone got in contact with this owner. I wanted to buy a template and been send emails but no one has replied to me.
Fantastic module, I have been using it for a couple of months now and it´s perfect. It makes my site look really professional. Well done guys, you´ve done a great job with this module. Also, the customer service is very good. I recommend Dolphin-design-theme and specially the Mega News Infos module.
I got the news Infos module and the Pegasus template; I have three very important things to mention:
1. The module is amazing; it really looks professional and elegant. It really looks like I contracted a team of professional people to build my site, but it´s just news Infos ;), superb. 10 out of 10.
2. The template is very nice, fast, elegant and very practical, they are a perfect combination.
3. Customer service is very good; sometimes they take a bit to answer but it´s worth waiting for see more their service, once they start working they will not stop until you are happy. Congrats guys, keep it up ;)
I've tried to contact you everywhere because the newsinfos doesn't work.
Could you please reply . i need to start working and i've paid for a product that doesn't work.
Hi Lylian; have you received reply?, I´ve been trying to contact them with a question too but haven´t received reply neither, that worries me ;(
lylianleft feedback on Template Nova5th of April 2014
Super template! Très professionnel et design
Galaxy is not showing on all browsers
Very nice dark theme. I like it.
great module does exactly what it says it does. installation instructions are very clear and easy to follow. and the seller is very fast in delivering this product. I would recommend dolphin-design-theme and certainly this module.
Fantastic mod!!! The News Info Looks Professional... Was super helpful to a newb like me :)
Merci d'envoyer le thème nova. Avez-vous les instructions d'installation pour moi? Je ne peux pas les lire sur le site, car il n'est pas en ligne.
Terrible! Theme won't appear in purchase history. Cant get a hold of this seller to fix the problem. Please message me
I send you a link, I'm sorry for the delay
Since it took so long I had to go a different direction with my site I asked you for a refund and still haven't received a response from you. I purchased this theme months ago!
Great template thanks again for the support, i would gladly recommend your services, Peace
link direct download here :
link direct download here :
looks nice but the member area home page script is not working
what member area ? there is no zone member on this theme
what member area ? there is no zone member on this theme
Great designer! but let two sites with a lot of bugs after finish paying her.
I had to pay someone else hundreds of dollar to remove some of the bugs she left there and so on. .... Quite ashamed!
Efficient and Great work ! dolphin-design-theme is highly recommended !!!
merci, tres beau template :)
Where do we get this theme.? I visited the site, and downloaded according to the instructions, but which one is it? That's not very clear here. I see multiple templates, but unsure of which one it is for the one I see on this page.
hi here :
link direct download here :

the link : not found
Very nice templates!
Thank you so :-)
nothing, thank you very much, live dolphin
I bought this item on 28 Dec 2011 and I have not received it.
I emailed the seller and he has not responded.
The URL to the Boonex site is disabled.

RP Senna
OPCO 0034 661 11 90 90
in (Terms and Conditions) we have 24 hours to activate your account:

1. Delivery
After We Have Received succesfully your payment, your membership information emailed Will
Be Provided to the email address Within 24 hours. If you do not Receive an email After
Time Period, please contact us-through the website. Will Have the members instant access
all templates and the Dolphin technical support.

I am sorry for the dispute;
Please take the dispute to receive your access see more code
"dolphin-design-theme" is obviously extremely talented and creative - just look at their work,
but one thing that a mere looking doesn't show, is quality and level of heart, the genuine care
and concern for each individual users and the community as a whole.

I came to dolphin-design-theme with a problem of my own making concerning one of their
FREE templates - mind you, there was no profit or gain to be made from me at this point.
I was given undivided, caring assistance, going see more far and beyond what most of us would even
consider - even to the point of going into my web-host account FOR ME, and fixing the
problem. NOT that I am suggesting we should expect such time and effort, but to me this
shows sincere CARE.

I want to commend "dolphin-design-theme" for being a superior Boonex-Dolphin community
member, as well as being an above average person of heart.

THANK YOU dolphin-design-theme
Let's all strive to care about one another in like manor. Imagine what this community would become,
and what the social community at large would think of *Boonex-Dolphin*!!!
very ...I like this work!!! Good job guys!
Very nice! Is it compatible with D7.0.8 and the new Orca Forum layout?
Hi yes there is the file forum for version 7.08
Thank you for your assistance.

Great templates.
if you have a problem with my product.
contact me on my profile BoonEx here:
I will help you :-)
Cheers ! I dindnt see anything so cool at boonex market ! Thanks !
These are amazing templates and have added so much to the look of my site. All I can say if you want to step up to a very sophisticated look these templates offer that. I have spent years looking for very sophisticated templates and love the ones I have used but clearly this developer has spent countless hours making the appearance of what Dolphin offers that much better. The rounded corners and the search box moved to a visible place is just a great idea alone. The ability to drop movies into see more the opening page is something I always wanted to do. THESE TEMPLATES ARE A STEAL AT THIS PRICE but better yet he is willing to work with any adjustments period end of story. I could not keep up with the speed at which he responded some almost within 5 minutes.........I cannot give a higher endorsement of his talent and these templates, well done, well done indeed...........
One person recommended. A great job for a ridiculous price. A big thank you
Great Work and very professional and so much helpfull as he has done so many changes for me and very very helpfull.
Highly recommended
SUPERSTAR! Wonderful designer! Was super helpful to a newb like me and templates look WOW! Very nice professional and thorough, thank you so much.
Great Designer...first templates package is very professional and look very nice + is follow up is very fast. Recommended!
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