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I am after a Classified website using Dolphin where the Public can advertise their items for Sale either by a set price or allow other members of the public to Bid on items. These can be Cars, Caravans, tractors, motorbikes, clothes etc. The site will also allow the Public to advertise for items Wanted to Buy or Services offered. Eg. Plumbing services, lawn mowing, etc etc. The site should allow them to upload videos or (photos max of 10) and allow them to edit their Ad to make changes to it. After creating and saving their AD they would be taken to a Paypal checkout if applicable or bank transfer screen to pay for the AD. The site would only be for Australia and have a drop down for each State within Australia. The site will require a Classified Logo and have a Domain Name of www.alburywodongaclassifieds.com.au

 The site would have a built in messaging mod to allow buyers and or sellers to communicate and ask questions. A person creating an AD would fill in a form and submit a password and email address that would need to be verified by sending them a link to the registered email address prior to the AD being displayed to the Public.

Classified ADS would be offered at $10.00 for 2 weeks (14 days) $15.00 per Calendar Month or $40 until sold. This would be selected during the placing of the AD and the checkout process. 

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We can build this for you! This is ( Of course) a totally custom module that would need to be built. Please contact me and we can discuss more details and timelines.
We are ready to do this job. Check PM for more details
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