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community page


I'm looking for someone who can create a "community" page. This page is an unique page unifing functionalities of "browse people" + "Search People" + "Members Wolrd Map".


I of course want to manage this new page in the Page Builder.

If you can do this custome page, please contact me!





praveenkv198811th of August 2011bid: $70  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
We can help you.
smile4sammy11th of August 2011bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
we can create the php / mysql queries that will enable you to add the new community page layout as you want it to your site home page or to a new custom page so you can modify the page settings from page builder. Best Regards, Global Solutions
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im sure this can be done just by dragging the appropriate block to a new page
Hi, no, it can not. These blocks are specific for all pages. Impossible to drag the "search block" from "search people" page to the "browse people" page . Same with "Member map" page... The only way is to re programing a new or an existing "people" page.
will the blocks not copy with deanos tools?
no ...already test this :-(
But anyway thanks for your interest!
See Multi page creator Scriptologist Module.
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