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Customize Login & Logout Greeting

Looking to improve the look of the login hello ("Logging In - Welcome Back") and also the Logout (Logging Out, Come Back Soon).  It's just to blah.


1.  Looking to center both messages, at least not placed at the top.
2.  Looking to change font and text color to something nicer.
3.  If possible, to place small graphic on left (greetings) and (Bye) with text for both on right side.

Is this possible? 


No bids so far.
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Yes its possible by editing the member.php file and logout.php file. I have the instructions to do it and will post it in the forums later. No need to pay for this since its fairly simple. Unless you want to and then it will be 1 Million dollars (Dr. Evil).. just kidding.
Here ya go:
If your site has more than one language. I suggest this free mod that I offered:

To add an image... you can find the code in Zarcon's.
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