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Design Work..

I'm sorry if this isn't in the right section but I saw 'Jobs' and thought it was best suited.

I have just purchased a design from Masterthemes and now want it customizing to fit my requirements.


My current design is available on my website: mywire.co.uk

I want it customizing by adding fun, lightening the design up, new logo, and a few minor tweaks to make it inviting.

Now, because I want 'fun' added to the design, the designer MUST be creative and most of all - enjoy doing this type of work because I want to take the designers ideas just as much as my own.

I want the design completed by the end of January so you have plenty of time to design, construct and revise the design.

Designer MUST have a portfolio OR be able to provide me with examples of their work. Must be confident, fun, easy to communicate with and trustworthy.

I will only work with one designer, and can pay via PayPal or another method if needed. Payment will be token payments at certain points throughout the design.


russellstephens10th of January 2012bid: $3000  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
Hi Wizza, I'm interested in talking more about this. Here is a link to my portfolio: http://stephenrussell.name/ My email address is on that portfolio page if you like what you see and you'd like to talk more. Thanks, Stephen
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Hi please let me know if you still need help so we can provide samples thank you.

hello, I can help you with prices fair, and a working clean.
refund if you are not satisfied
my site : dolphindesigntheme.com
I am available to spice-up the graphics on this site.
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