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Forums Integration / Improvement


I'm looking for a perfect, decent, all-working, all-knowing forums integration into Dolphin. 

Preferred forums: phpbb. Open to any other one that has got the same features. 

I need levels, categories and sub-forums so please don't try to re-sell me Orca :)

A few guys have failed already and I didn't get a refund, therefore I'm a bit edgy on this XD. Please bid if you have done this before or you're confident that you can do it. Really confident! it's not like deathbed promises or wedding vows, it really means something. 


I have tried contacting developers whom have this service on Boonex market but got no response. 


What I need is a shared login session between Dolphin and the forums. At no point I don't want the forums to ask for username & password. I prefer it load up in a Dolphin page but if not possible I can live with an iFrame. There should be no re-direction after logging into Dolphin. Passwords should be updated when get changed on Dolphin. I do have about 250 members currently that need their accounts to be transferred. But I don't need any data migration from current forums. 


I have been postponing official launch for more than 2 months, needless to say I am truly desperate :)


Highest Regards,


scriptologist6th of October 2013bid: $250  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
We can do this, and have done phpbb integration before. Please check your inbox to check the demo. Thanks.
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