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Groups as a special User Account.

In a word, the groups module sucks.  It just lacks so many of the features that should be there.  The way the group module should work is exactly how a standard user accounts works.  Would it be possible to create a special user that works as a group, and that the members of the group can access that user account?

For example, when one creates a group, it is creating a new user account with all the permissions that a standard user has.  Then when people join the group, they basically are getting access to that user account that ACTS as a group.  A user account that is shared by several users, several members.  To get an ideal, I could actually let several users have access to my account and thus they could add to the blog, add photo albums, upload music, etc.  This is all a group really is, a special type of user and many social applications handle groups in this manner.

So, the special user account would have to have an owner that handles the admin side of things; removing access to the special user account and confirming new users.  Members of this special account would have access to the special user account but they could not do such things as delete users or to remove the special user account (group)  When a member of the special user account (group) log into their account, they have access to the special user account (group) without doing a separate logon.

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