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Happy Hour Module


 I want to build a module called "Happy Hour".  This module will allow a user to select a date and hour block from a calender on the happy hour page and pay a fee through paypal. When their sponsored happy hour starts all members on the site recieve double points for all activities for that hour. The member who sponsors the happy hour get's their thumbnail displayed in the happy hour sponsor block for that hour. I have taken the "build your first module tutorial" here on the site and would like to assist in the building in some limited way to learn more about the process. I have already downloaded the sample module and started naming renaming the files to my mod name and also the function files. I can send the files if an email address is provided.

Thank you, Wayne

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ok let me check more info email is @ expertzkris@gmail.com I will be willing to help you with your mod.
I am interested in more details and we could assist you as well info@pixelsofa.com
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