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I am the owner of Global Web Concepts http://globalwebconcepts.net I am a web designer and developer from Vancouver BC

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Just would like to post my experience whit this guy!
If you are thinking of switching hosting stay away from Global Web Concepts or Mr Wayne!!!!
I just lost my site on with we have been working and building for more than 2 years, thanks to his unprofessional attitude!

(Any body who would like to know more details is more than welcome I have kept all chat conversations as prove)

Here is what happened:

1) I needed to find a better hosting solution because my site was slowing down, found see more Global web concepts and asked if He would be able to host my site and speed up loading time8 (gave him access to my cpanel to check all he needed to know.
No problem off course!

2) He suggested cloud-hosting dolphin 5… I than asked him as we would be migrating the site anyway if he was 100% confortable whit dolphin and is he could upgrade my site to the newest version 7.1
No problem off course!

3) Once I paid him for transfer, updating my site, SSL ticket and private domain…

This was the result: Upgrade never happened! SSL caused problems and he never sorted it out! My site was down more than 5 times during a period of 2 month I used him as host

The amount of support tickets I send is incredible but at the end I got an email from one of his staff I shut be looking to upgrade or look for a differed VPS hosting package

4) This really alarmed me! So I wanted to take a full backup of my site just in case! To my great surprise Mr Wayne had removed the Backup tool off my cpanel!
I asked for several times for a backup (never got this from them!!!)

5) Moved my site to a new host and when trying to migrate guess what it is one big mess and 2 years off money and work down the drain.

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