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Need 2 custom mods built


I need 2 custom mods built. 

1.  Wheel  of Prizes-Gifts:  Wheel  loads 20-25 random prizes from our modzzz gifts mod. Costs 2 credits to spin. People can win points or gifts from the gifts mod. (Wheel similar to Wheel of Fortune or just a custom slot machine or similar) the won prize shows on users profiles profile page in a custom block.

2. Custom Gift:   A user can make, upload and send, gif, jpg, png, fla, or animated gif. They would pay with credits to use the function and send the gift to another user. They would be able to send a message with the gift or have the option to send on birthday. This would be intigrated into the gifts mod by modzz we have installed but it lets a user upload a custom “TradeMark Gift” they have made. Currently users can only send premade gifts by system admin. Our urrent  Ultimate Gifts mod version 2.0.5  could be edited-updated  to allow this. 

No bids so far.
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Sounds like a job for Modzzzz as he already knows the code. I do think he is a bit on the busy side though : )
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