aknagaiTranslationmodification, moduleOpen budget1 bids$50 average bid16th of May 2012

I need a translater

I need someone who can translate my site with all modules added to languages, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Urgent.

erentzenco16th of May 2012bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I'm fairly new to Dolphin, but have been in the industry since 1993 and have extensive experience troubleshooting PHP and web-related issues. Chances are it'll take me under an hour to fix, but if it takes longer I'll charge a max of 3 hrs.
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Hello, thanks for replying but tell me,
And what would the value of three hours and how do I pay you and I wonder if you would be interested in working on my site, I want to make many modifications to it and I will need an experienced programmer, it would be great to have someone with your experience working on it with me, since already, thank you and look forward to your return. by the way, is you who is registered as a programmer on my site?
Best regards;
Antonio K. Nagai
I can help you for this. Just contact me with more informations.
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