anilas99Designtemplate, design, installations, module, modification$100-3001 bids$500 average bid27th of July 2011

I need a unique design for my dolphin (very beautiful).Installation of modules.

I need a unique design for my dolphin (very beautiful),I want to see in advance any example.

Also need to install some modules( My site is multi languages) And review all the modules I have installed, if installed correctly and  for ( multi languages) Because I want all modules to be translatable .

Thank You.Agim



DosDawg27th of July 2011bid: $500  timeframe: 10 daysAssignedPermalink
lack of scope of work so i just shot a number out there
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for your design, i would recommend getting in touch with Gorpus one of the first and pioneers in design when it comes to dolphin.
as for the modules installs, and lang settings, we could look at that for you.
hello, I am interested in the job for $ 350. My site
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