bannsheeUpgradeupgrades$100-3002 bids$200 average bid1st of January 2012

I need someone to upgrade and fix bugs in my site needing someone to upgrade to latest dolphin and fix bugs and add more protection from spam and hacking ..... taking bids thank you 

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I can do it now just contact me my email is my skype is expertzkris or just message me here in Unity.


Happy new year! :)
Hello Kris, I just realized that your name is popping up as I scan the job prospects and I decided to read your profile. As I am looking for work, I am also needing work with an issue I am having with one of my Dolphin installs. Are you available for hire to upgrade to 7.0.9? What is your rate for that service? I am thinking that an upgrade could restore the site to its default files and then the content (videos, profiles etc..) would be uploaded from the backup and things would run smoother with see more the logins. This I do not know.
Kindly specify your current version of your dolphin, the bugs you have noticed on your site. I can send a quote once I get the specific details.
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