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Intagrate Edmunds API for Profile Fields

I'm setting up a car profiling site and there are thousands of different car makes and models. I want to use the Edmunds API on the join page to make it easier for users to find their car. I want a way for them to select body style(Truck, Van, SUV, Car, Etc.) Then they pick a year and then make. Based on that, I want the available options to show up for that specific selection. I already have an Edmunds API key and would love for this to be done asap. More information on this can be found at http://developer.edmunds.com. I would also like a feature for the member to be able to add a make/model if it is not listed. The selection then would be added to the database so whatever they choose will be shown on their edit profile, view profile, and search pages.

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May be this module can be useful:
although it doesn't contain a pre-populated database of cars/manufacturers/models.
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