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Limit disk space for member via membership

Actually.. Dolphin only limit user via membership level by Action... me i need to limit by number of media and/or disk space... so by example:

Regular member :

max 15 photos, max 5 video, max 5 audio files.. max total disk space 100 meg

Premium member:

max 50 photos, max 20 videos, max 20 audio files.. max total disk space 500 meg

so is there anyone here that can make this feature?



No bids so far.
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whats up. here is a mod you maybe want to look into for what your looking to do.
Dolphin already does this. No need to pay someone for it. Please contact me if you need details
It's easy to limit this option to your membership levels, Dolphin have this in admin control panel, please contact me for more details, if you still need help no need to pay for this .. :)
can you send me a PM about that
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