hitech724Designinstallations, template, module, modification, upgradesOpen budget2 bids$350 average bid26th of July 2011

Looking for a web developer who's willing to work with us on these tasks

We are seeking assistance on these task

*Remove the option to add files

and sounds from adding group, events, blogs, articles.

*Check the avatar. Line it up with the busy, away colored icons

*Video is not being posted to the wall

*Correct the css for the under profile comments

*Check if tinymce is enabled.

*Correct the css under profile comments.

Remove the white box and keep the background blue

 *Make sure the video player works when uploading videos

*Ray Media Server Installation for chat, better video stream


*Correct the menu flash bar css.


*Center the two ads on the bottom of the homepage and move copyright over the left for

all browsers.


*Fix the background color. Make it all the same color on all the browsers and computers

 *Remove Music from the chat box

 *answers from modzzz fix


Fix when member are logged on and the login text is clicked on remove the extra footer on the bottom


Move up the main events photo


Remove Music from the chat messenger box. 

These tasks were supposed to be done in 2-3 days and has been over 10 days now. 


Please send us a response if you're ready and willing to work on this asap. 

 Remove Music from the chat box: 


DosDawg27th of July 2011bid: $350  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
based on what is described here, we can only presume there have been others dabbling for you to have so many issues with so many different areas? as for the answers module, that is from jerome, have you sent a support ticket to jerome ont that? everything else is fairplay. i just know that modzzz does support his work
davidivad7928th of July 2011bid: $350  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
The list has really several different issues thare but it can be managed. Contact me if needed Regards David
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