techtom609Designcustom, designOpen budget3 bids$1333.67 average bid20th of July 2011

Looking for someone to design entire dolphin 7 site

I'm looking into getting a custom dolphin website made for me. There are a few key things i would like in this website. the first thing and most important is a quick login. A place that people can sign up for my site using either google, facebook, twitter, and more. I would also like the homepage to have some flash components included. I also want to look into making a desktop program for my website via adobe air. this is just a few things im looking for in my custom dolphin site. please email me or post here. Thank You!

gorpus20th of July 2011bid: $1  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
hi! feel free to provide us with project details via mail: Tim Shim Gorpus Design Team
DosDawg27th of July 2011bid: $2500  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
based on the outlined SOW, cant provide an adequate bid.
bannshee31st of July 2011bid: $1500  timeframe: 45 daysPermalink
have a look at my site ... realy need more info but for starters 1500 is my ballpark bid
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I can help design your website please let me know at or skype me at expertzkris.
hello ... need alot more info but i am interested in helping u ... u can have a look at my site then contact me either at or join my site add me im bannshee on there and we can comunicate through my dolphin 7 site
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