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test test test

Please do not respond to this test :)

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I may be interested in doing this for you. Contact me. I need more information on the purpose of removing the captions and replacing with text captions.
Hi Deano

I would like to reduce the widths of the boxes which contain forms accross my site.

The advanced forms utilise a table which contain 2 colums - 1 caption & 1 value.
I need to remove the column which contains the caption, and place the contents of this caption into the value, which would disappear when clicked on.

For example, a text box would not have a caption to the side of it, but would contain the text of the caption with the textatea.

Much like how the new message see more field on has "Type your text here..." .

I would also like to make the form (orange search box on ) on my site 'independant' of the base form.

Hope this clarifies

I understand. I sent you a pm to discuss further.
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