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MediaWiki mod for Dolphin 7

I need a MediaWiki mod created for Dolphin (currently 7.0.6, but will update to 7.0.7 when it become available after testing).


Basically, I would like the MediaWiki portion of the website to function seemlessly as part of the rest of the Dolphin website.

  • Single log in: logging into Dolphin site automatically logs user into MediaWiki module
  • Template:  Display MediaWiki portion under the Navigation menu

Just keeping it simple.  It would be nice to have a Dolphin skin for the MediaWiki portion, but that would be a plus, not a necessity.


I would like whoever does the work to sell the item as we mod so other people could purchase the same thing.  This would also be reassurance on my part that the mod would work with the different Dolphin updates in the future.


Go here to see the forum related to the MediaWiki and Dolphin integration module along with a draft image to show the layout interface.


A possible improvement to this mod to make it more marketable for you in the future is to link the MediaWiki activity to the Spy wall of Dolphin to increase user participation in the editing/development process.


Please keep in mind that this is NOT a one-off or custom project.  I am basically paying you seed money to develop a mod that you can sale to others moving forward (and continue to make a profit).  Consider at what price you would sale this mod once developed and how many units of it you believe you would sale when determining a fair price for your bid.


Under NO circumstances will I assign (award) the bid to any programmer who has not placed a bid on here.  I believe it is absolutely unethical to contact me to hire you once the bidding process is over without participating in the open market bidding process and trying to low ball a final offer.  The bids are set to private to encourage programers to compete, but keep their bids confidential.

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I have created a module for Dolphin 7 - Mediawiki integration. I am packaging it at the moment for easy installation. It will be available at the Market on or before friday
This is GREAT news! I look forward to checking it out!

Also, thank you for creating it as a module so others can use the same feature.
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