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Navigation challenges. Wanted - someone who believes in the KISS principle

I run an adult site catering mostly for transvestites. It's been around for several years and has recently undergone an upgrade. New modules have been added and there have been improvements to the appearance. Trouble is, several potential members are experiencing difficulties when applying for membership while others are finding the site tricky to navigate. The worst feature is the photo-upload area that seems to have been designed by a demon. I've been told that little can be done about that. But the whole site needs a makeover. I need someone who fully understands the KISS principle - Keep it Simple, Stupid. I don't have a fortune to spend on the site. It's free to join and free to use but I can rustle together a few hundred dollars for anyone prepared to spend an evening checking it out, and suggesting some ideas and solutions. Well, hopefully putting some of the ideas into effect.


An example of Keep It Stupid, Stupid - follows. Before I can send this away I have to type some unnecessary nonsense beneath here. Without it I'm blocked.


No bids so far.
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I am willing to work with you on improving the site. Adult content does not bother me. Send me a PM and we can get started. I agree the photo section needs work.
You're on. I've heard that you are very efficient. But you need to realise that this is a depressingly unfinancial job. My members have kicked in $520 Australian. I can stretch it out a bit more than that but I'm a pensioner living on the memory of a smell of an oily rag. I'm told you can't do much with the photo section. Apparently it was designed by an idiot. As mentioned in my intro, I like to keep everything simple, straight forward. I'm conscious of the fact that not everybody s a smart-arsed see more web genius. Many people struggle with it. I try to help those people. Where do I send the money to?
We are interested. Hit me a message. ty
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