c916britDesigntemplate, design, custom$50-1000 bids$0 average bid16th of March 2016

Need a custom template like badoo creating for latest dolphin

Hi all, ok so here goes, i need a template creating for me which has the same feel like badoo.com the same sort of layout, homepage/login look and feel through the whole template, i wont need the chat facility as members will chat to each other through messages on their account but will need a function so members can add images to messages they send, also if we can add a function so members can pay for extra functions of the site via sms then that would be good. I would do most of the work myself but im way too busy. I would like it in the same style all through the template not just the home page. Contact me for anymore details. Thanks.

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Can anyone or will anyone be able to do this for me?

I would recommend to remove the budget or re-think it according to the current prices. Nobody gonna do a whole custom template for $50...100 for sure. One single not too complicated custom page usually cost from $150...250+.
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