shaunbairdModificationdownload, modificationOpen budget1 bids$60 average bid7th of July 2011

Need a "download" button coding in to my site...

Hi, I have a site with content on it for cellphones (  Ive upgraded it to dolphin 7 and would like to know how I can put a "download" button on each wallpaper and ringtone so the visitors can save the content to their computer/cellphone.


Also it would be handy so that members can prevent some content being downloaded (ie profile photos etc) - not quite sure of the logistics of it, but a clear and prominent download should be right under the content.




smile4sammy8th of July 2011bid: $60  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
We can do this modification for you. Best Regards, Global Solutions
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Cant you just modify the store module for this along with privacy settings??
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