dplantModificationsinging, karaokeOpen budget1 bids$1000 average bid9th of May 2011

Need a Karaoke System

Hello I currently have a site for music auditions and would really like something similar to Singstar on the Playstation 3 console. This would entail members to be able to choose from a bank of Songs and use a webcam to sing along to these. All songs would be placed within the members album which would be labelled accordingly Just music and no words as the description says but with text scrolling across the bottom!, This would be fully viewable and ratable by other members. It would enable the members to choose from a list of pre-defined songs readily available on my site. Also I would like it to display an hall of Fame and have specific blocks on the home page, account and profile pages to engage the members. Please take a look at the PS3 singstar online system for an idea as to what I need! Will probably make sense when you do that!!

smile4sammy11th of May 2011bid: $1000  timeframe: 14 daysPermalink
We can achieve this solution for you with much more interesting features to attract or keep your members coming. Our pre-made system which will be customized to your present specific requrement has more features included which you can optionally enable or disable. Regards, Global Solutions www.gsgroup.info
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