desertcitiesInstallationmodification, custom, module, payment$100-3000 bids$0 average bid13th of December 2011

Need help finalizing site, Memberships, Points & Gifts & Rewards, More.

I can use some experienced help in finishing up my site.

Looking for someone experienced some with Modzzz POINTS + GIFTS + REWARDS (setup everything include a few mock gifts), and Martinboi's DOLPHIN'S SUBSCRIPTIONS MANAGEMENT and in setting up a few levels of membership.  Prefer you know what levels/features do well from Free Membership up to Paid Membership and in between and adjust accordingly.

Also, looking for someone to help me add a few more questions to my new user profile section and to help me with the match levels.  I am using JanRain's FB/Twitter integration mod, and PROFILE INFO CHECKER to remind users to complete their profiles.  I want that all smooth and working and looking good.

I am offering $175.00 plus a bonus for a great job done.

Time frame.  Hopefully completed within 7-10 days. 

Let's talk.  Write me privately.  Hopefully we can schedule a short 15 min Skype call to clarify everything.

Thank you.



No bids so far.
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I can help you with setting up those mods, just pm me. TY
Modzzz is a great developer that I know can and will help you with this. If he can not be reached in a good time frame let me know and I will help you with this.
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