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Need some help with my spalsh page


I just create a custom home page (splash page) with html for my site and now this is where I’m having little bit problem with maybe I can get someone to help with it its very simple job u MUST know HTML, PHP  and dolphin software

Job details:

This is what I need

1)      Have the default login on it

2)      have Facebook, Google ,RPX on it ( I have them for Facebook and Google working  need little twit for RPX need to have it as a popup  )

3)      need the join forum on it as well it as

4)      need page to be little bit twit ( will tell what need to be done when we speck)


That’s it need everything to work the right way J


If you have any question about this job please email me

Thank you


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It's interesting for me, could you send details please on boonexpert (at ) gmail (dot ) com ?

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