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need to get site "go live" .. and then long term maintenance...

I have been working on my site for a LONG time, and it is TIME to get ready to GO LIVE!


There are a few bugs to get out, a new logo to be created, and a few installed mods to be finished in setup.  Maybe 2 or 3 days work.  on v7 - not sure if latest - need to get site updated to newest version and check mods.


I have it split to have both personal and business members.  We have extensive group and event mods and site will be used for a local club / nightlife coordinator.


I have a full time job and kids which is why i don't have the time or expertise to finish this - but it is time to get it ready to roll.


If you have experience with dolphin and numerous mod developers, are willing to work with little input, but are good with deadlines, and manage your time well - please give me an idea of cost either by project or hour or day...



No bids so far.
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PLease feel free to message me on here or on Skype so my team and I can help you out with this. This is nothing we can not handle for you. My skype name is he_simion.
ill help you do that in minimal price..just mesage me through skype "epertzkrs" or email

Am d best out their. check out my site to have a clue of what i can do.
u can simple contact me their through the contact form or inbox me
i can up date ur site what ever u can pay i'll accept here is my odesk profile you can send me mail on


thanks stay cool......... faheem
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