mazarxnlModificationmodificationOpen budget1 bids$90 average bid14th of September 2011

Orca Forum

I need someone who can change my orca forum to be more like other forums out there, such as vbulletin.  I need an unread post feature, after a certain amount of posts are done a new page starts.  Help!


Also, if you can do a full integration with phpBB where new members sign up and automatically sign up for it and then can migrate all information thats currently in orca along with previous members that would work too. 

smile4sammy15th of September 2011bid: $90  timeframe: 3 daysAssignedPermalink
We can convert your Orca forum to phpbb3 and transfer all your existing members to phpbb Best Regards, Global Solutions
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Would it integrate with the rest of my site, ie background design etc? And do you have any references I could check out of your previous work? Maybe former clients I could talk to?
We can integrate it with phpbb. It will integrate with your site design also with login
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