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I have just launched my website and I am looking for some partners and sponsorships for my website. My URL is What is millistacks you ask? Well simply put, my website is a social entertainment website that will focus on 3 major concepts, recording live music right on my website, providing mix and mastering service, and selling music through my music store. Like I said my website is new and I am only looking to maybe parnter with 1-3 trust worthty people. My ideal is to help promote each others website and help each other grow. If you are instrested then please respond back to me. I perfer that you respond back at my gmail at

Thanks and happy new year.

No bids so far.
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Please be very specific with what you want from Partners- details / duties/ responsibilities /shares/contract terms and conditions. I need to understand all the details before considering partnership with you. You can send details or proposal to my email so I can evaluate it and respond to it.
You are banned from getting any acceptance with any work from me. What you can do is give me my money back for the messy work that you did.
(I also posted on your site). I create/update and test websites as I have for the past 5 years. I am a Sr. Manager for a healthcare supply chain. I coordinate tradeshows for 5,000+ attendees. Since your site is new, if you are looking for someone to provide assistance by testing and providing a user's perspective, email me at Thanks.
i am going to check out your website and then respond back to you later on today. thanks for the reply
Adrien I will be launching my site soon lets stay connected we can explore opportunities to affiliate as well.
He has tried to get work from me too fortunately, I didn't budge, I guess boonex should ban ppl like him.
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