eytanbuModificationpictures, photos, customizationOpen budget2 bids$175 average bid21st of June 2015

Photo page customization


I would like to customize the photo page as follows : 

Following fields should be added to each photo that is uploaded : 

Date (submitted by the user - not the uploading date)

Location - connection to google maps

2 additional free text fields. 


In addition, the search bar should include the data that will be updated from these fields, means that photos from certain geographical area and between specified dates should be retrieved. 


Please send me your proposal, 


Thanks !

gtopseven25th of June 2015bid: $200  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
i m interested and can do it well. contact bak if interested in service.
geek_girl27th of June 2015bid: $150  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
I am ready to start.
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