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Promo Code mod for Members to Allocate Points

This should be a Promo Code Block / Module , where when users type in specific promo codes, they get a centain amount of points added to their account.


Example: on certain area on my site, or through email, we will tell members that if the enter in " partytime" into the promo code module, they will get 1,000 bonus points.


This should be able to be a notification as well, so that i can use users AntonLV's Point Module, to enter it is an action


But Maily, i want to be able to campagin multiple codes at the same time ex:


" partytime " - 1,000pts

" Summertime " -500pts

" DJELi " - 300pts


I understand that these words may not be able to have spaces and special characters, thats fine.


If someone can message me back with the ability to do this, that would be GREAT


I am eager to launch my site by Sunday in light of Memorial Day Weekend and need alot of work done


Thank You

No bids so far.
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If you would like to add me to skype we can discuss this in detail. I am more than happy to assist you with it.
yea i just made a skype i my name is SPLURGIN
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