jbattle2010ModificationredirectOpen budget1 bids$500 average bid9th of May 2011

redirect instead of access denied


I have a link going to a page in my site


This is a restricted area unless you are signed into my site.  Therefore if you get to this page and you are not signed in, you will get, "Access Denied."  I would like to change this.  I would like for users to get redirected to eighter the login form or join.php. In fact is it possible to redirect users to join.php or the login form for sitewide restricted areas instead of users getting access denied?

If you can do this for me let me know and let me know your price



smile4sammy11th of May 2011bid: $500  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
We can rewrite dolphin code to redirect Access denied to Join or Login page . --- Regards, ---Global Solutions ---www.gsgroup.info
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