mroewerdModificationmodification, moduleOpen budget0 bids$0 average bid2nd of January 2014

Remodeling of the module "Modzzz Virtual Betting"

The module should be Rebuilt, the betting can give so as in sports betting.

Man should be in a bet, have 3 choices, with different odds.
For Example:
Team 1 to win - 1/2 odds
Draw - 1/5 odds
Team 2gewinnt - 1/9 odds


I hope it was saying and excuse me for my bad English.


No bids so far.
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We are ready to do this job, please send a detailed requirement to this email id else come online on skype. My skype id: bse_majorkarthik
This job was completed by me. Anyone who require custom work done for any of my modules, feel free to contact me.
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