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sms integration

i am looking for a developer to integrate sms to my website so members can send free text messages around the world. i will like to use the clickatell gateway. job details follows

1.administrator to be able to assign credit to members

2.administrator to be able to be able to add advertisement together with the messages

3.want the module to be compactible with dolphin 7.x.x not 7.0.x

4 to be able to put the module at both profile page and homepage

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We have created this module before, I have installed it on a site on our development server so you can see it. I have sent you a pm with link to the demo. The admin -add credits feature is the only missing feature which will be included in module admin as we customize it to your requirements.Please note that you will need an active Clickatell account details which will be filled into the module admin, for users to be able to send sms. please contact me if you want us to customize the sms module see more for you.

Best Regards,
Global Solutions
i can up date ur site what ever u can pay i'll accept

here is my odesk profile

you can send me mail on

thanks stay cool.........

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