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Social marketing and developer needed

I need someone who is prepared to stay on this project until the site (www.eugoodnews.com) is fully finished and working 100%


Job includes:

-Social media marketing


-Template design

-Join page design

-making modifications and install modules

- bug fixing

-secure site against hacking

-communicate at least weekly and come up with ideas to constantly improve the site

-finding ways to attract more people to join and become more active involved.


As this is a long term project I’m willing to offer a monthly contract my budget is between 150 and 200 monthly.

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Send me more details of the business portal. I have done these things from scratch. There are some limitations with Dolphin but you would be able to get the most through it.
have a look at www.eugoodnews.com
Please let me know more information via a private message. I have a huge list of this type of actions and dev.
So, how do you want to go with it? There is a lot that involves in it. I would suggest if you want to break work and get it done; it will be better.
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