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Sounds - Playlists - Store

This is my first post for a module so please bear with me. I am in need of a sounds module that will allow a pop out playlist player, and a sounds store members can buy and sell music. User should receive payment in their paypal account while Administration should receive a percentage of all completed sales.


1.Sounds module with pop out controllable playlist. Free users can add their favorite music. Original Composers can sell their original songs via download purchase -to pc / cell phone /


2. Player will feature - ringtone maker any song uploaded can be cut and placed in a ringtone section by category for download. (a button checked by user should identify copyright ownership, which if checked eliminates song redistribution via purchase/download.


3. Pop Out Player will contain NO third-party redirects/links


4. Allow an html, flash, swf, or text link/banners advertisement within the pop-out soundsplayer and ability for user to customize player background, color, thumbnail


5. An additional "Purchase" button which will allow purchase and download (free) option of Sound File, through Paypal, Integrated Points (Modzzz), SMS (eg charge $0.99 to buyers cell phone-to include major us carriers ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, Boost Mobile)


6. User ability to manage advertisments - member ability to purchase advertising space on user pop out players by membership level.


7. Ability to select image of sounds thumbnail ability to share playlists, publish playlist, favorite playlists.


8. Playlist should be playable via mobile device/boonex mobile app


9. Statistics should be included -top download, most views, most downloads, most purchased, most favorited.


10. Another button should be available on actions menu similar to report called copyright infringement / violation users can check to prompt review of submitted content which will immediately go into a no view state until verification of ownership is authenticated.


11. Module will feature sounds store where music can be searched purchased and downloaded


12. Playlist should be embeddable and allow for a custom link to refer back to dolphin site or member profile on dolphin site.

No bids so far.
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Similar functionality has been achieved before, but not to this standard and integration. I do think someone good could do it, but it would cost a lot.
I am currently building a similar sounds module . By next weekend I should be up with a live demo so you can test it out to see its current features. The features you listed below can also be included during development, so when it is ready, you can test it and pay to pick it up
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