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stop fake people/spammers from joining my site

how can i stop spammer from joining my site

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you can turn on your "join by invitation only" service from your admin panel.

or block the ip adresses you dont want peopl to join from .
Your funny! even fake/spammer joins facebook/twitter/netlog/orkut/linkdin freely !!!!!! what is wrong there?? members who do not want to be sent messages by spammers got tools such as block and other privacy settings in dolphin and also members can report problematic user and then you the admin remove such person...also that does not mean the spammer can not sign up is everyday part is make is join by invitation only, i can assure this option does not do any social networking see more site any good

You can try . they have a free account that works very well and they also speed up your site load time and save you bandwidth
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