backspacedeletethatDesigntemplate, design$2000-30000 bids$0 average bid24th of March 2014

Template and rebranding

I am in need of a template design, that's a cross between and

I will need custom mods for this website which I will explain in greater detail.

This job will be paid for in a secure channel no exceptions, when half the work has been completed and installed and approved by me

half of the payment will be sent to you in a secure manner, the remaining of said job will be completed and approved and

installed then paid for as well. I am looking for someone who will become apart of a permanent team of mine so please no scams

or bs because I dont have time.

1. Android Developer------- rebrand but most mods work


2. iOS Developer---------rebrand but most mods work


3. Software Developer

No bids so far.
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