treetorDesigntemplate$100-3002 bids$325 average bid8th of February 2012

Template request

Please Note - I have found a designer to build this for me (Feb 9 2012).

I tried deleting the job post but it wont let me.


Can someone make a template almost like newgrounds?

i love the layout and menus and colors, its fantastic.

Also they have a uniform icon and image format throughout the site.


It would need to be compatible with all the boonex default modules as well as Modzzz points, gifts, achievments, ultimate articles, ultimate news and pokes


more serious type icons, newgrounds is very playfull type, i'm looking for a bit more serious style in regards to icons and images in the site. keywords to describe the site: news, chat, politics, ufo, mysteries, strange things, spies, survival, etc


basically, something similar to newgrouns but with more of an adult edge to it. the images/icons can be cartoony but the content of the image could be more 2012 end of the world kind of theme.


I have no idea what this kind of service costs, so if my budget is too low, I appoligise but do feel free to let me know and please provide an estimate of actual cost

and if you have examples of prior work with something similar, this would be a huge bonus


dolphin-design-theme9th of February 2012bid: $350  timeframe: 3 daysPermalink
hello, I can help my site: I love working with dolphin :-)
modloaded10th of February 2012bid: $300  timeframe: 4 daysPermalink
Hi I can help you complete your template,
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hello, I can help my site:
I love working with dolphin :-)
Im trying to delete this job offer but when I click delete it doesn't remove it
I ahve found a designer to build this for me
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